About Aditya Science Academy

"Education Is The Key To Unlock The Golden Door Of Success."

Aditya science academy was established in 2011. This is the institute which is recognized by its goals and achievements. We recognize that our goals are best achieved by the combination of good faculties, parents and students hard work. At Aditya academy we have restructured our subject courses to incorporate the preparation of board exams along with the preparation of a IIT-JEE (Main/Advance), NEET & MHT-CET. We believe that this approach will cut down duplicacy of effort of students and will maximize their efficiency. Our study material contains exercise based on board exams type question along with various multiple choice questions. Periodic tests are held based on board exam pattern along with the regular IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced) style tests.

We have well equipped practical labs where Physics, Chemistry and Biology practical are held for the benefit of students. Other subjects like English, Geography and Marathi is taught for the benefit of students. Library with thousands of books are also available to students for self-study.


To get recognized as a center of excellence in proficiency-based education, artfully blending academic instruction and experience.

Aditya Science Academy Vision
Aditya Science Academy Mission


Aditya Science academy is committed to inspiring students to find their intellectual and artistic creativity. We believe in supportive atmosphere balanced by curiosity and constructive challenge.